Homerun ID Privacy Statement

Homerun ID is a product of Homerun B.V. located at Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This Privacy Statement only applies to the use of Homerun ID.

Because of the nature of the product, we will be processing data about you, which we call personal data. We like full transparency for our users, so here’s how we do that:

Personal Data. The relevant personal data is typically the data in your personal profile, and any data related to your job searches, such as saved vacancies, job applications etc. This is all information that you enter into the system yourself, or that is added automatically as a result of your conversations with potential employers through the product. It’s basically all visible inside the product. If you’re not comfortable with having certain information about you in the product, please do not enter it.

Purpose and Retention. The purpose of processing this data is to help you apply for jobs. Because we think it’s important for you to have a full history of your job search etc, we will keep your data in our system until you choose to delete (part of) it, or until you close your account.

Recipients. We will not share your data with third parties, unless you actively choose to do so, e.g. by communicating with a potential employer through the product, or after you provide separate consent.

Logs and Statistics. We also store some information about how our users use the product. We do that for a number of reasons: to make sure it works as intended, to maintain the security of the systems and the data, to know how the product is used, and to prioritize possible improvements and new features. For these purposes, we’re generally not interested in individuals, so we anonymize or pseudonymize this data.

Your rights. You can at any time get an overview or an export of all personal data we store about you, update that data, delete part of it, or delete your entire account. We prefer to allow you to do all these things yourself in the product, but some of these features may not be available yet. You can also request a restriction to process your personal data, or object to its processing altogether. If you need any assistance, have any concerns, or have suggestions for things we can improve, please send an email to hello@homerun.id. We always aim to resolve any issues you may have directly with you, but if you’re unhappy about how we handle your personal data, you can file a complaint with the supervisory authority in the Netherlands or in your own country.